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Weber iGrill Pro Meat Probe - Image 1
Weber iGrill Pro Meat Probe - Image 2

Weber iGrill Pro Meat Probe

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This Pro Meat Probe is specifically designed for precision temperature tracking with the iGrill Mini, iGrill 2, and iGrill 3. This heavy-duty meat probe measures between -58°F and 716°F with a length of 48 in. and is designed for extreme grilling and smoking. Comes with a cord wrap that mounts perfectly on the back of your unit and snaps together with your additional probes.

  • One temperature probe and four colored indicators included.
  • Double crimped at probe and cord connection point offering increased water resistance.
  • Helps monitor the core temperature of your meat.
  • Measures up to 572F.
  • Probe cord wrap included for easy storage.


Product Information

  • Brand: Weber
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Green Bule
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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