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Fly Web Fly Trap

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FlyWeb instruction: Once you receive your FlyWeb unit, please follow the following direction before use to ensure your FlyWeb unit will work properly. 1) The light bulb may have been jarred loose during shipping and handling. Check to see if the bulb is firmly seated in the socket by gently pressing the bulb straight down in the socket if bulb was loose you will hear a click. 2) Remove glue card and remove proactive paper covering the front of the card. Carefully replace glue card with the glue facing the bulb. If you get glue on your hands you can easily remove the glue by wiping your hands with vegetable oil. 3) Place the FlyWeb unit into any standard 110v household outlet, and your done The stylish and compact FlyWeb Fly light insect trap is designed for indoor use for control of flying pests. An energy-efficient 9-watt Ultra violet (U.V.). light attracts flies and other flying insects into the trap where they are trapped on the FlyWeb adhesive glue card. Its compact size makes it perfect for any room and works silently controlling flying pests in your home or office. Remove the protective coating on the adhesive board, insert it into the unit and the trap is set. All you need is an electrical outlet to plug it in. The FlyWeb fly light trap helps in the control of flies, gnats, no-see-um, fruit flies and other flying pest. The FlyWeb fly light trap also doubles as a great night light! Traps Flies, mosquitos, gnats, moths, fruit flies, house flies and other nuisance flying insects. Since 1928, Gardner fly traps has pioneered the manufacture of insect light traps for commercial and industrial applications. This trap really works. It's compact size is perfect for homes, apartments, offices...anywhere flies, gnats, moths or fruit flies are a problem. The UV light source draws them in and catches them on a non-toxic glue board. Once the glue board is full simply toss in the trash and replace with Fly Web Glue Board. Dimensions: 3.5 in W x 10.5in H x 1.75in D

  • Ready to use in seconds
  • For Indoor Use Only


Product Information

  • Brand: Gardner
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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