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Amazen Pellet Tube Smoker 12" - Image 1

Amazen Pellet Tube Smoker 12"

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A-maze-n-smokers(amns) are light weight, durable and portable smoke generators, that produce great quality smoke for cold and hot smoking. They are versatile enough to be used in just about any smoker or a grill. They are designed to burn pellets and supplement smoke at higher temps, in pellet grills/smokers. This is where most pellet grills/smokers do not produce much smoke. The amnts adds additional smoke at cooking temps, regardless if your pellet grill/smoker is burning pellets or not. The tube smokers perform very well in pellet grills, gas grills and gas smokers. Their unique design takes up very little space on your grates.

  • Produces smoke for up to 4 hours during cold smoking
  • Up to 4 hours while supplementing smoke at 225°+ in your smoker or grill
  • Designed to supplement smoke in an electric smoker, but can be used in just about any smoker or grill
  • Cold smoke meat, fish, cheese, nuts and more
  • Can be used in a smoker or grill


Product Information

  • Brand: A-MAZE-N
  • Color: Stainless
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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